Get ready to journey through a world crawling with humor and absurdity, as a tiny bug on a heroic quest to save your human soul

In Metamorphosis you'll embark on a larger than life adventure through the beautiful interiors of 1920s Prague, made otherworldly by a unique perspective.


You play as Gregor Samsa; a traveling salesman with a taste for expensive beer and cheap literature.


After a remarkable transformation Gregor finds himself on a journey of self-discovery packed with excitement, exploration, mystery, and existential danger. Not to mention regular danger from vile vermin, ruthless pets, and giant humans out for beetle blood.




Use your own creativity and Gregor’s newfound survival skills, stealthy moves, and nimble legs to explore a surrealist universe full of arcane secrets.


Around you a thrilling cinematic narrative unfolds as you search for answers, discover clues, create diversions, and overcome obstacles.


Your seemingly small actions can have consequences beyond imagination, and the choices you make will ultimately decide far more than just your fate.


We're a small team of developers with backgrounds from Flying Wild Hog, CD Project RED, and Creative Forge - making fun, story rich, and immersive games for PC and VR.


Our passion is telling expressive stories through fun moment-to-moment gameplay.



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A first-person mystery based on the strange and captivating stories of Franz Kafka